Fashion month recap

As you probably know february is the fashion month and this one was brilliant: new prints, styles, trends and themes. The biggest brands had outdone themselves because they really got out their comfort zone and they reinveted their style.

We cannot even know how Chanel can still surprise us every single time. After so many years of making some of the best clothes in the world the designers show they still got it by reinventing the classics the bringing them back to life. “I wanted something impeccable, clean. I wanted the girls to look like walking fashion drawings,” said Karl Lagerfeld, adding, “And I must say, I love feathers!” Rather than stage a poster-filled protest—he’s already done that, remember spring 2015—Lagerfeld mixed skirt suiting with cinched waists and tilted-back boater hats, giving models an elongated, retro feel.

Elie Saab became one of my favorite brands recently and I started  following their new collections and they are totally stunnig. After several seasons in which the designer has accented his signature after-dark arsenal of eveningwear with hints of something street-ier and sportier, this was an exercise in Total Saab: “dark, romantic stuff,” as he put it. Layers of tulle and ruffle were heaped to whirl dervish-ly around their wearers as they walked. Full tulle skirts patterned with polka dots were worn below bikers etched in gold-studded lily silhouettes.

Obviosly we cannot talk about fashion if we do not talk about Gucci. Their collection was amazing as usual. The outfits and the shoes were really out there and they created something unique. I think that is their style, they always go all out and really make something that is talked about, even though it is not for everyone. They had this 70s theme and used trendy materials like velvet. There were a lot of colours and gigantically platformed footwear.

Something that caught my eye was the Off White show. Their runway had this autumnal and wild nature decor and I thought it was so unique and well-thought. The birch trees returned, too; only now, they had been hung as if levitating, and the room was dark and theatrical. The tailoring of the houndstooth suiting showed finesse, while softness of the raised waistline dresses felt less referential. The collection was named “Nothing new” and the main colours were blue, gray, nude, black. It was really classy.





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